Gutter Guard systems have been designed to help ensure the functionality of gutters, allowing free-flowing water without blockages or obstacles keeping them leaf and debris free. Aside from its practical function, gutter guards also improve your property’s overall aesthetic and curb appeal. King Group Australia gutter protection system allows for maximum protection but a seamless aesthetic. Using Colourbond colours and accessories our gutter protection system will be colour matched to your roof and gutters, providing seamless integration to your property.

Gutter Visibility

Often the first thing prominent to the eye is the roof and gutter colour of any home. Therefore, at King Group Australia; we colour to match our mesh and accessories to both roof and gutters prior to installation to guarantee a harmonious addition to your property. Whether it is a new build or an existing property, we have a vast range of colours to suit any home.

Observe Local Restrictions

Before choosing a colour, ask your local government or clarify if there are any council restrictions or mandates. Some councils have rules and guidelines when it comes to your home’s exterior appearance.

Choose a Gutter Guard to Match your Roof Colour

Our premium expanded Alumesh is coated with an Akzo Nobel powder coat, which prevents UV degradation over time with the colour maintaining its integrity. We have all colorbond colours available.

Choosing a Contrasting Colour

If your property has a corrugated roof with a Shale Grey finish, and Surfmist white gutters, you may want your gutter protection system to ‘pop’ thus all Surfmist mesh, saddles, trims, and screws may be a viable option. This way, you can put more emphasis on your gutter guards’ unique exterior features.

Expect Gutter Guard King’s to ensure protection from leaves, debris, pests and blockages whilst helping make your home more attractive with our gutter protection system. Give one of our specialists a call today!