The labour-intensive task of scaling a ladder to clean your gutters several times a year can be hazardous and time-consuming. Issues with birds nesting and other pests dwelling in your gutters or roof cavity? Or blocked gutters and leaks? These are some of the factors and issues many Australian’s faces when trying to maintain functioning guttering for their property or home. Due to the problems that arise with the factors mentioned above, King Group Australia’s sister company Ultraguard invented and manufacture a simple but effective system that helps maintenance and functionality of your guttering, but also eliminates the need for the homeowner to risk life and limb in the process.

Ultraguard’s expanded aluminium gutter protection system is an effective long-term solution. Saving thousands of dollars in gutter-cleaning bills and assisting in providing clean gutters all year round. This reduces the needless risk for the homeowner to scale ladders, whilst maintaining functioning gutters.

The simple but efficient system helps to keep leaves and debris from entering the gutter line as well as preventing animals such as rodents, birds, and vermin from creating habitat within your gutters – or worse, within your home! Another benefit is time maintenance, gone are the days and weekends spent scaling ladders to clean out leaves, debris and nests from your guttering and roof.

There are a variety of systems and materials in the market and depending on the solution you go for, it can be an expensive endeavour to fully protect your home – an average family-sized home in Australia requires around fifty metres of gutter guards, which can range anywhere from $1600 to over $4,000. Hence the question – ‘Do gutter guards really work?’- It is not a simple yes or no answer.

Due to the harsh Australian climate and depending on your property location will determine the effectiveness of gutter guard for your home. Whilst they can protect your gutters from clogging up, they are not a foolproof solution to protect against every type of debris that may end up entering the gutters. Specially designed to provide maximum protection, water filtration and peace of mind, they are not a 100% solution for all homes, and you may still have to occasionally consider an annual maintenance call or gutter clean to clear out the backlog of needles and dirt. However, the drastic difference between a home with a gutter guard and one without is non-comparable.

How do Gutter Guards work?

Due to the variety of materials, quality, and systems on the market, each provides assistance in protecting your gutters from clutter and blockages whilst still allowing water filtration and free-flowing guttering. The constant variable to be considered is the price and installation process.

Without a gutter guard system or regular cleaning and maintenance, your gutters are susceptible to blockages due to the build-up of leaves and debris; meaning water backs up and can cause mould, floods and even structural damage to your walls and foundations. Depending on where you live and the style of gutters, you may find yourself with issues such as blockages or leaks multiple times a year.

Most commercial systems commonly, slot into your gutters without too much effort. For example, the bottle brush system looks like a giant pipe cleaner, trapping leaves in the brush so that they do not get stuck in the bottom of your gutter. Although this system may be readily available and may not break the bank these solutions are not necessarily long term, some create a flat surface they can still lead to a build-up of debris that will need clearing so it’s a balance of trying to find the cost most suitable to your budget with the ease of the ongoing maintenance needed. King Group suggests the Ultraguard expanded Aluminium gutter protection system, as it extends from the gutter line over your gutters and onto your roof profile, creating a ‘ski-slope’ – effect with the use of gravity, which allows any leaves or debris to simply float off the gutters, preventing build-up and blockages but allowing water to filter and keep your guttering functioning at optimum capacity.