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Hiring the services of our Adelaide guttering and downpipe specialist improves the quality of your home. We are able to install and repair guttering, downpipes, and chimneys that have been damaged over time and complete tasks with minimal disruption to your everyday life. We are also able to complete tasks with minimal disruption.

The most common type of gutter and downpipe is known as a clay or brick gutter. Clay gutters are lightweight and simple to install. They require little maintenance, they need very few tools, and they can be installed quickly and easily in no time at all.

Our gutter and downpipe specialists are a highly skilled group of professionals who are dedicated to maintaining the function and appearance of your gutters for as long as possible. If you have sloping lines in your gutters, it has been known that they can leak and cause water damage, which is why gutter and downpipe Adelaide experts are needed to ensure that there are no leaky gutters to cause any water damage.

  • Have Clean Gutters Year Round.
  • Perfect to keep leaves out of your rainwater tank.
  • Great for extending the life of your gutters.
  • Gutter guard mesh that is fine enough to keep most leaves out of your gutters.
  • Gutter guard that is tested and approved for use in Bushfire Areas.
  • Stop ember attacks with Gutter Guard King system.
  • Fire rated and tested by CSIRO with Flame rating of 0.
  • Approved Gutter Guard by Councils and building building certifiers.
  • Perfect for keep birds out.
  • Ideal for bird proofing your roof and keeping birds like myna's out of your roof.
  • Gutter Guard King Aluminium mesh will keep also possums, snakes and other pests and vermin out of your gutters and roof.

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We will answer your enquiry within 1 hr during business hours or by 10am next business day.

Instant Quote

After receiving your quote enquiry we will provide you with an indicative quote over the phone. If this is within your budget we will follow this up with a site visit to confirm our price. Our quotes are fully inclusive of supply & installation of our awesome gutter guard system. Every job gets a Free Gutter Clean. All our quotes are Free Of Charge and No Obligation.

We Get The Job

Once you have accepted our quote we will allocate our professional installation team to be out within 3-5 working days to complete your install. Depending on the size of the property we would estimate a completion of between 1-2 days. Most of our jobs are completed within 1 day.

Satisfied Customer

Upon completion of your job our customer service representative will contact you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work and to get the final payment. If there is anything we have missed out please let us know and we will action immediately.


Guttering And Downpipe Replacement Service 

The gutter and downpipe are two parts of the rooftop that provide an easy access point for water to escape from any point. They have a variety of shapes, but they all serve the same function. There are many different types of guttering and downpipes, so consult with a Gutter Guard King professional for guttering and downpipe replacement.

When the gutter and downpipe get old, they can begin to leak. As water leaks into your home, it can create a mess and cause big problems in your home. Not only that, but getting wet while walking through your house is very unpleasant. You should have a professional handle these types of repairs so you don't have to worry about permanent damage to the foundation of your home and having to deal with the hassle of replacing them later on.


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  • UltraGuard Gutter Guard and Gutter Protection provides a factory-backed product and installation guarantee.
  • Nobody responds to an inquiry faster. We will respond to your inquiry within one hour.
  • Our Price will provide you with the assurance that you are receiving the best of everything, including the best gutter guard price, gutter guard service, and gutter guard quality.
  • We provide gutter guard installation services in all areas of Adelaide.
  • We provide both gutter guard product supplies and installation.
  • We are a locally owned and run family business that is proudly Australian. You're more than just a customer... You are a member of the Gutter Guard King SA family!


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