When contemplating installing gutter guards to your property, the main question on a homeowner’s mind is; ‘will the system match my roof and gutter colour?’ – the right colour will greatly impact the overall aesthetic of your home. It is imperative to choose a colour that is complementary to your roof and gutters to ensure a seamless aesthetic and enhance curb appeal. King Group Australia, utilise all colour bond colours, so the variety and scope which is available will provide the homeowner with peace of mind and an appealing finish. 

How to choose a gutter guard colour:

There are several factors to consider when deciding on the right colour for your system. Outlined below are some of the considerations to be aware of:

Style of Your Home:

Taking into consideration that all roof types, profiles, materials, and guttering styles vary, this will factor into how exposed the gutter guard is. Sloped or pitched roofs may expose the gutters making the system more visible; however, the majority of guttering is not visible from the ground. The style of your home is important, to achieve a seamless aesthetic, finding a compatible colour of gutter guard to suit the rest of your property will be desirable. Commonly, newer homes have more bold colours, whereas classic homes with character may require more neutral colours.

Colour Palette:

The colour combination of your property and gutter guard should be considered, as the exterior palette and gutter guard system should complement each other. If not considered, you may end up with a ghastly colour combination. If your exterior palette combines neutral tones, a bold coloured gutter guard system would probably not be a good look. 

Council Regulations:

Another consideration may be based on council regulations. Often councils may stipulate colour palettes for homeowners, some regulations may be strict and have a handful of options, others may allow homeowners choice. Some housing developments have strict rules about the number of colours you can include in your colour palette and the tones you use.

Colour Availability:

Due to the extensive colour options available, the chances are your choice and pre-existing roof and gutter colour can be matched effortlessly. King Group Australia utilise all Colorbond colours, so a Colorbond colour chart or swatch may be a great place to start. 

How King Group Australia can Help

King Group Australia have over 25 years of industry experience, our sister company Ultraguard are the inventors and manufacturers of the premium expanded aluminium mesh. If considering gutter protection at your property, King Group Australia can help decided and colour match the most suitable option for your roof and gutters. 

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