Bushfires are a prevalent issue, particularly with rapid housing developments. Due to the harsh Australian climate and with the weather heating up, things start to dry out, bushfires pose a risk in many areas of Australia.  King Group Australia suggests protecting your home and fireproofing your gutters as an excellent start in preventing the disastrous effects of a bushfire. King Group Australia’s sister company Ultraguard invented and manufacture a premium expanded aluminum Embermesh gutter protection system, in compliance with AS3959 – with a BAL(BushfireAttackLevel) of Zero, CSIRO rated. 

Ultraguard Premium Embermesh

The best way to fireproof your gutters is by using our Ultraguard premium aluminum Embermesh.  Our gutter protection system is designed to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters while still allowing the rainwater to flow freely into the gutter. Due to the installation method of our system, incorporate the roof and gutters together to allow for maximum protection. If installed on a tile roof, our Embermesh is placed under the second row of tiles extends over the gutter line, and fastened the edge of the gutter, similarly to a metal roof, we fasten our mesh with colorbond accessories to the roof profile(corrugated, trim deck, etc) and as above extend over the gutter line  – there is nowhere for leaves and debris to build up.  Again, this allows for maximum protection, whilst still allowing for water filtration without impeding the functionality of your gutters. The benefits of our ember mesh system are insurmountable in bushfire-affected areas, as not only does it keep your gutters clean and free from any blockages, but our system has also been specially designed to be non-combustible in event of a fire. Embers and flaming debris pose a real threat to your home as they can penetrate your roof cavity and wreak havoc to your property. Our 2mm aperture Embermesh assures protection and prevention of such debris and ember from entering your gutters and home.  This is important in the case of a bushfire as embers can land in your gutters and cause a fire to flare, threatening your home.  King Group Australia offers a warranty on both our product and installation methods. Looking for quality gutter protection? – give one of our specialists a call today for a free measure and quote!