Reasons Why Your Gutters Are Blocked And How to Prevent it

The blocked gutters can cause a lot of damage to the exterior of your house because they have the potential to drain water away from your home instead of directing it into the gutter. This can lead to leaks, not being able to see properly through the windows and even mould growth in the home. There are many Reasons for Gutter Blockage; here, we discuss them.

Top Reasons for Gutter Blockage

Check below some common reasons for gutter blockage – 

  • Debris

One of the reasons for gutter blockage clogging up is debris. If there is debris in the gutter, it can cause the flow of rainwater to become restricted or even stop completely. Leaves, rocks, dirt, and other yard waste all contribute to clogging up gutters. Cutting back on the number of leaves you dispose of will help reduce the chance of leaves clogging up your gutter drains. The best way to prevent debris from clogging up your gutters is to clean them out regularly. This will help maintain the health and function of your gutters by getting rid of any debris that could be stopping water from flowing freely or completely.

  • Moss

Moss is a type of fungus that can grow on various surfaces. It grows in the cool and damp environment under the home. When moss covers the gutter, rainwater blocks it from going down the rain gutters. This causes excess water to pool up at the bottom of the gutter and can even seep into other areas of your house. The best way to prevent moss from growing on a gutter is to clean your gutters regularly and make sure they are free of debris.

  • Sagging

One of the most common problems in homes is a gutter block. This happens when the gutter starts to sag and leaves an uneven surface on your roof. When multiple gutters get blocked, the downspouts fill with water, and the blocks become saturated. The water runs back into the gutter and causes sagging. The amount of sagging can affect drainage in your home or business. So sagging is also the reason for the gutter blockage. 

  • Poor Installation

Recently, many people are noticing that their gutters aren’t draining properly. This is due to the poor installation or blockage of the gutter. These Gutter Blockages can cause clogged rain gutters, leading to flooding and structural damage in your home. Draining your gutters will ensure an easier time in maintaining your home. It’s important to ensure that your gutters are properly installed and not leak. 

  • Ice Damming in the Gutter

Ice dams form when water freezes and builds upon the roof of a building, blocking the flow of water to the gutter. When this happens, water starts to back up in the gutters so it overflows onto your property. As a result, you will experience blocked gutters and overflowing gutters.

  • Bad Downspouts

Bad downspouts are one of the reasons for gutter blockage. This can be a problem because all the water that comes off of your roof will end up in your gutters and eventually clog them. Once the gutters get blocked, they won’t drain properly, which causes the water to pool on your property. The pooling water can also damage wood siding or even where your home meets the ground.


  • Clean Your Downspouts Monthly 

Cleaning your downspouts is an easy way to keep them from clogging, which can cause problems for your home. Just make sure you have a good bucket and some water available. You will need a shovel or something else to catch the water when it comes out of the spout, so make sure you have that too! If you live in an area where there is heavy snowfall, you may have downspouts that need to be cleaned

  • Install a Leaf gutter Protection System

Leaf gutter protection systems are a great way to protect your gutter blockage from leaves. Leaf Gutter Protection has been proven to be the best of the best to protect your gutter from clogging.

  • Proper Installation of Gutter

Proper installation of gutters is important to prevent blockage, which can cause flooding. Therefore, it is important to install the gutters on the roof and direct them to the ground. This will allow water to run off and not collect in any one area.

To prevent blockage of your gutters, you should have a professional gutter installer install them correctly. This will help prevent gutter blockage and keep your home or business clean.


When you notice that your gutter is blocked, the first thing to do is to hire a Professional Gutter Cleaner to fix the problem. Hiring a professional gutter cleaner is your best choice if you have a gutter blockage. A professional will inspect the situation, fix any problems they find, and clean up the debris left in your gutters. 

Expert gutter cleaners are experts at cleaning gutters. Selecting the best gutter guard company is worth the money because they know what they’re doing and will have the experience necessary to break up blockages quickly.