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    Gutter Guard Adelaide

    Gutter Guard Adelaide, SA 5000 is proud to be a local business experienced in gutter protection solutions. Our gutter guard system is engineered to be amongst the best gutter guard solutions around. We don’t simply cover your gutters we offer a complete permanent roof solution. Our gutter guard system serves two main purposes which include stopping leaves and debris from entering your gutters as well as stopping birds from entering your roof.

    Bird protection of your gutters to stop birds, pests and vermin from entering accounts for as much as 50% of our work. So not only will you keep your gutter leaf and debris free but also keep birds out of your gutters. We recommend and use only UltraGuard Aluminium Gutter Guard for all our jobs. Simply put the best gutter guard product on the market today is UltraGuard Gutter Protection and their range of Aluminium and Plastic gutter guards.

    Gutter Guard King Adelaide is proudly Australian owned and operated, and as a local player in South Australia with over 35 years combined experience within the Australian gutter guard and gutter protection industry. We pride ourselves on offering the best price and best quality gutter guard system in the market. All our gutter guard products come complete with a 15 year Manufacturer-backed warranty and a 5-year installation warranty.

    So call us today at +61405824844, we are quick to respond and even quicker to complete the gutter guard installation. We clean all gutters prior to installation and we supply and install the best gutter protection system, UltraGuard Gutter Guard, Gutter Protection, and Bird Protection systems.

    • Have Clean Gutters Year Round.
    • Perfect to keep leaves out of your rainwater tank.
    • Great for extending the life of your gutters.
    • Gutter guard mesh that is fine enough to keep most leaves out of your gutters.
    • Gutter guard that is tested and approved for use in Bushfire Areas.
    • Stop ember attacks with Gutter Guard King system.
    • Fire rated and tested by CSIRO with Flame rating of 0.
    • Approved Gutter Guard by Councils and building building certifiers.
    • Perfect for keep birds out.
    • Ideal for bird proofing your roof and keeping birds like myna's out of your roof.
    • Gutter Guard King Aluminium mesh will keep also possums, snakes and other pests and vermin out of your gutters and roof.


    the gutter guard system that works!



    Gutter Guard King is proud to use exclusively the UltraGuard Gutter Guard Gutter Protection system. UltraGuard are the inventors of the Aluminium system. We don't trust any other system but the Original Aluminium Gutter Guard system invented, patented and made by UltraGuard Gutter Protection.

    • The engineered ski slope effect ensures that all leafs and debris fall to the surface below by gravitational force. Just like sliding down a water slide...your leaves will also simply slide down to the ground below.
    • UltraGuard Aluminium Gutter Guard is strong enough to keep birds, pests and other vermin out of your gutters and roof cavities.
    • Bushfire Proof and perfect for stopping flaming embers from entering your gutters.

    suits all roofs choise of colors durable water safe anti sheeting


    The UltraGuard Gutter Protection system Aluminium Mesh comes in 2 profiles. There is the Embermesh profile which is 2mmx2mm hole size which keeps the finest particles out. And then the Aluminium Mesh which has a hole size of 3.5mm which is the most common mesh size used.



    With over 25 years of gutter guard experience the UltraGuard Gutter Protection system which we use at Gutter Guard King Adelaide is by far the best system we know in the market today. It simply Works ! It provides a full roof protection using a high exposure grade aluminium mesh which is powder coated in a choice of colours. The mesh is secured using Colorbond accessories to ensure that the system is faultless and fully compliant. The genius of the aluminium gutter guard mesh system ensures that maximum leaves and debris are kept out of your gutters and allowing maximum water to enter your gutters as well as sunlight to break down all the bacteria and algae which forms from time to time.

    The Gutter Guard King Gutter Protection system in Adelaide has been engineered on the leafscreener award winning system. This system works on the gravitational force to do all the hard work to keep leaves out of your gutters all year round. A simple slide over the mesh and onto the surface below.

    The Gutter Guard King system is ideal for use with all roof types including tile, corrugated, trimdek, kliplok, spandek, monoclad and many other roof profiles. It is malleable enough to protect all gutters and valleys offering a full roof protection not just gutters.

    We are fully trained and accredited by UltraGuard Gutter Protection as a reseller and certified installer. We have gained the highest rating and several awards for our excellent customer service, and installations. Give us a go today. We are the honest local Adelaide team.

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    • Gutter Guards at the Lowest Prices in the Adelaide
    • The Best Gutter Guard Products and Services in the Adelaide.
    • UltraGuardGutter Guard and Gutter Protection provides a factory-backed product and installation guarantee.
    • Nobody responds to an inquiry faster. We will respond to your inquiry within one hour.
    • Our Price will provide you with the assurance that you are receiving the best of everything, including the best gutter guard price, gutter guard service, and gutter guard quality.
    • We provide gutter guard installation services in all areas of Adelaide.
    • We provide both gutter guard product supplies and installation.
    • We are a locally owned and run family business that is proudly Australian. You're more than just a customer... You are a member of the Gutter Guard King SA family!


    A Picture Says a Thousand Words

    Have a glance at just some of the jobs we have recently completed. Our system is perfect for any roof type.
    Worry hassle free clean gutters year round….now isn’t that worth it !

    How can I protect my roof from damage?

    Installing UltraGuard Gutter Guard Gutter Protection system a high-quality gutter guard system that prevents debris and leaves from accumulating on your roof is an effective way to protect it from damage. This will not only protect your roof but will also keep your gutters clear and prevent water damage to your home.

    Is Gutter Guard installation the best idea?

    Gutter Guard installation is a great way to prevent debris buildup in your gutters and potential water damage to your home. You can trust Gutter Guard King to complete the installation professionally and efficiently.

    Where do you provide roofing services?

    In Sydney and the surrounding areas, we offer roofing services. Our professionals are experts in gutter protection, roof restoration, and roof cleaning.

    What are the charges for Gutter Guard Installation?

    Charges may vary depending on the size and condition of the roof, as well as the best materials to use. Customers who are interested in receiving a free quote can contact Gutter Guard King via the website or phone number.

    Which product do you use for Bird proofing of Gutters?

    Gutter Guard King is proud to use the UltraGuard Gutter Guard Gutter Protection system exclusively. The Aluminium system was created by UltraGuard. We only trust the Original Aluminium Gutter Guard system invented, patented, and manufactured by UltraGuard Gutter Protection.

    Do you provide a complete roofing system?

    Yes, we offer a full roofing system, including gutter guards, roof restoration, roof repairs, and roof cleaning. Our expert team is dedicated to providing high-quality services that will ensure the longevity and durability of your roof.





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