The Australian climate can be notoriously harsh particularly as the weather heats up and summer nears. Often creating a perfect environment for family gatherings, barbecues, parties, and the likes. However, the harsh climate and warmer season also mark the beginning of the bushfire season, this is where fires rage across the nation, destroying properties, homes, and the livelihoods of communities. Whilst your property may not be directly affected by the threat of a bushfire, the best way to deal with the threat of a bushfire is to be prepared.

Preventative measures to reduce the risk of bushfire:

Preventative measures are needed to reduce and eliminate the risk of a bushfire affecting your home or property. Keeping your lawn maintained, grass cutting, storing of any wood or flammable items. Any external space or extensions to the main property, for example, decking area, al-fresco areas, barbecue areas should all be kept tidy, any residual chemicals, materials, furniture, etc should be taken into consideration. Removing dry sticks, leaves and bark from your property, and using pebbles in your garden instead of flammable mulch – is another preventative technique to further assist with the prevention of a bushfire affecting your home and family.

Gutter Guard King SA suggests another preventative method in the form of our Ultraguard Aluminium gutter protection system. Our gutter guard or ‘Emberguard’ has been specifically designed with a 2mm aperture, flame-retardant expanded aluminum mesh. This has a BAL of Zero, CSIRO rated, and compliant with AS3959. Considering gutter protection will assist in reducing the build-up of sticks, leaves, and debris. Embers from a fire can travel up to 5km away, thus any dry debris, clogged or blocked gutters is a perfect environment for a fire to start. 90% of house fires are started by embers and debris that travel from a bushfire and destroy properties and livelihoods.

Other preventative measures may include, ensuring your fire alarms are functioning, a fire extinguisher, and fire blankets are also recommended. A fire plan or emergency plan for a family should be considered as it prepares all the occupants of the household in case of any emergency in this case a bushfire. Pets, livestock, and any other animals should be considered when preparing an emergency plan for your home and property.

What to do when a bushfire occurs:

If there is a threat, or an eminent presence of danger, or a bushfire, it is recommended to act as early as possible. It is suggested if you are in a bushfire area, there is a Fire Danger Rating board that displays the risk of a fire in the area. Move livestock to a safe location before you leave. Be sure to turn off the gas and lock all doors and windows before you leave. Advise any other neighbors or family members prior to leaving to evacuate the area safely.