Rain harvesting aims to provide a stream of clean rainwater which can be great to use in your house. However, if leaves end up stuck in the gutters, it can result in poor quality rainwater in less quantity. In short, leaves result in compromising the rain harvesting system.

Suffice it to say, keeping the rain harvest system leaf-free is critical for you to acquire the highest possible amount of fit-to-use water in your tanks.

How Do Leaves Make Any Difference? 

Leaves raise a variety of issues to optimal rain harvesting. First and foremost, leaves will provide hindrance for the rainwater to enter the rainwater system, greatly decreasing the amount of water that you receive. This would then leave you exposed to inconsistencies brought about by droughts and lack of rainfall, in turn limiting you to use the rainwater as per your needs.

Besides the aforementioned issue, the rainwater’s opacity, color and odour can be compromised by the new and composted leaves that find their way into the gutter. This results in the water being unfit for its intended use, which in turn can threaten your well-being and generate excessive wastage and shortage of water supply.

Insects and larger pests are also attracted by the accumulation of leaves inside the gutters. These pests can become the cause of additional clogging and uncleanness, further negatively impacting the amount and grade of your rainwater.

Keeping Gutters Leaf Free

Installing Gutter Guard King’ mesh with an acceptable aperture (hole size) is one solution that is very effective and operational for keeping gutters and the harvesting system free of leaves and associated pests.

Gutter Guard King mesh creates a physical barricade above the gutters. This barricade is intended to allow rainwater to pass through while keeping the leaves and other rubble out, utilizing the ski-slope effect. By preventing leaves from entering the primary entry point into the rain harvest system, it assists in avoiding the clogging of gutters and contamination of the rainwater supply.

The installation of the mesh over the gutter at a specific angle with respect to the roof provides extra protection. This becomes possible because of the creation of an uninterrupted ski-slope effect which allows the leaves and debris to fly over the mesh conveniently. This usually results in the leaves staying off the mesh for a long period of time which is enough for it to decompose, and further eliminates contamination prospects.

Choosing Suitable Gutter Mesh 

The most important thing when it comes to selecting a gutter mesh is the aperture (hole size) that is most suitable for the environment. For the gutter mesh to be perfect for keeping your gutters and rainwater catchment free of leaves, you need to select one with the hole size that complements the size of leaves of plants and trees in the area.

Neither the gutter mesh nor the leaves belong to a one-size-fits-all category.

In general, you may use a gutter mesh having a wider hole size like our 3.5 mm gutter mesh made out of Aluminium in case your house is located in an area with wider leaf plants/trees. Though, if your house is in an area that has smaller leaf plants/trees, you may need a gutter mesh with a comparatively smaller aperture so that the gutters and harvesting system is clear.

Our Mesh Calculator tool offers additional peace for your mind and confidence by assisting you to choose the most accurate gutter mesh that would surely keep gutters and the harvesting system completely free of leaves.

To make your mesh shopping more convenient, our calculator is a seamless tool. It will ask the appropriate questions quickly and simply so that it can suggest you the most ideal recommendation.