Gutters are designed to direct and filter water away from your home. Due to the build-up of leaves and debris they can become blocked creating issues for the gutters, downpipes, and potentially the roof or interior of your home resulting in leaks, etc. When leaves and debris accumulate it can trap water causing issues such as rusting, sagging, and leaking. We recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice yearly, depending on the surrounding environment.

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4 Tips to help gutters clean:

1. Thorough Cleaning

For your gutters to function at optimum it is recommended to keep them clean up to twice a year minimum. The only effective procedure in keeping them clean is regular maintenance. Firstly, remove any built-up debris and leaves with a hand trowel or scoop. Similarly, an electric or petrol-powered leaf blower should suffice. 

Remove all twigs and branches along with any soot or dirt that has accumulated over time.  Anything left on the roof will wash into the clean gutter the next time it rains if you don’t sweep it up.

2. Tree Maintenance 

Due to Australia’s climate, most of our native trees can become problematic when trying to keep your gutters clean and unblocked.
Most of what is normally found in the gutters around your home or property are composed of the leaves, needles twigs, or branches that are a result of over-hanging trees. If left unattended, this becomes a fertile breeding ground for plant matter to flourish, in turn making your gutters a hanging ‘planter-box’ for plants to grow to prove to be difficult to maintain and clear. To avoid this, it is helpful to trim trees back away from the roof and gutter system so that whatever falls from them lands on the ground rather than on your home’s roofing and water drainage systems.

3. Gutter Protection

With over 25 years of industry experience, King Group Australia’s sister company Ultraguard is the leading name and inventor of the expanded aluminum gutter protection system.

We would strongly recommend investing in some gutter protection for your home or property. Gutter guards act as a line of defense or barrier between the external elements and environment whilst keeping your gutters clean and still able to function and channel water.
The apertures are specially designed to allow water filtration whilst keeping leaves, debris, and birds/pests out.
The gutter guard is extended from the gutter line over the gutter and onto the roof profile, whether it be metal or tile.
This creates a ‘ski-slope’ effect, with the assistance of gravity anything that lands on the roof or gutters is able to be blown off, and anything smaller than the 3.5mm aperture or hole size is able to filter down the gutter and downpipes like normal. This will assist in keeping your gutters clean and avoid the task of regular gutter cleaning.

4. Contact Us

Perhaps the best way to keep your gutters clean and reduce the amount of time and effort you put into gutter cleaning is by calling a Gutter Protection/ Gutter and Fascia company such as King Group Australia. As a trusted company King Group Australia, we can assist in helping you choose the right guttering for your home with the addition of our gutter protection system, allowing your gutters to function at optimum and prove to be significantly easier for maintenance. Give one of our specialists at King Group Australia, a call today!