The task of cleaning your gutters may sound simple, however, it is another important factor when considering gutter protection at your property. Due to the nature of the task, the risk involved in performing a seemingly simple duty may be of interest to have a gutter guard installed to eliminate the need for yourself or a loved one to scale a ladder and undertake the task. It is reported that annually, an estimated 4-5,000 Australians are hospitalized after falling off a ladder whilst on average 19 people each year are killed from falling from one. 32% of deaths are those between 70-79 years of age.

Installing a gutter guard in your home can help to assist your guttering from becoming clogged up – but it could also help to save you from serious injury! We all know blocked gutters are likely to cause issues with your guttering and downpipes as well as damage to your property, from water-filled roof cavities to flooded rooms, and at King Group Australia we believe our gutter protection system will stop leaves and debris from building up; and as a result, eliminating the need for you or your loved ones need to climb up a ladder to clean or clear gutters.