How to Stop Pigeons and Birds From Solar Panels? A common occurrence in Australian homes is the unwanted pests, birds, and pigeons who decide to make your property their home. Whilst this may not seem to be a nuisance, birds, and pigeons nesting under your solar panels come with a variety of concerns. When pigeons and other pest bird species nest under solar panels they will eventually create a great deal of mess and fouling from the accumulation of droppings and debris from nesting material which will lead to the overflowing of the gutters and blockages including downpipes.

As the renewable energy industry continues to grow, it’s becoming more difficult to build solar farms in areas that have large amounts of wildlife. It was discovered that pigeons were a severe threat to solar panels, as they would sit on the panel and poop all over it. The solar panels would then be rendered useless as the droppings would make them dirty. Pigeons tend to roost on solar panels and this creates a blockage that can result in the loss of power production.

Pigeons can sometimes be a problem for solar panels by using the panels for their nests. To deter this problem, it is important to make sure that the installation does not happen near any buildings or trees where pigeons may want to nest. When installing solar panels, make sure to install them at least 15 feet from buildings and keep them at least five feet away from trees.

While solar panels are great for providing power to your home or business, they also make a great place for pigeons to live. If there is enough food on the ground, the birds will use the panels as their roosting spot. The reason this can pose a problem is that if the energy from the solar panel is interrupted, it can cause a fire that could spread and damage your home or business. So it’s important to stop birds and pigeons from solar panels.


Ways to Keep your Solar Panels Bird Free:

  • Solar Skirting

Solar Skirting is a practical and effective way to deter and prevent birds from making your home, their home. Using our Premium Ultraguard Aluminium Mesh and our Vexo solar clips specially designed to attach our product to your solar panel. This creates a wall or meshes barrier between the solar panel and roof to prevent the ability of birds to nest.

  • Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a cost-effective way to assist in keeping your roof and property bird-free. If installed on the edge or corners of your solar panels, roof and gutters it eliminates the ability for birds and pigeons to nest. Bird spikes do not guarantee complete protection, so we suggest using them in combination with our gutter protection system, or solar skirting system to achieve the best result.

  • Scarecrows or Plastic Predators

Scarecrows and plastic birds of prey may seem dated but are a deterrent to nesting birds. We recommend plastic or bobblehead-type predators to convincingly scar or prevent birds and pigeons from nesting on your roof and under your solar panels. Again, we suggest pairing it with our Premium Ultraguard Aluminium solar skirting and Gutter Protection System to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach.

  • Clean-Up

If there’s nothing to eat near your home solar panel. They’re less likely to stay around. Keep your garden and lawn neat and clean. Clear out the trash and place pet food in a place where birds cannot get to it. Birds also like their own waste So clean all evidence of bird activity immediately you notice it. Clean up any debris and ensure that your solar panel and every component of it are in good working order.

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