One of the many great things about effective rain harvesting is that it results in giving you an abundance of clean rainwater. This can be used around your property and home. However, it may pose problems if you happen to have pests, either large or small, in the gutters. These pests do two things to compromise your water supply; they can either reduce the volume of the collected rainwater or deteriorate the quality of it.

The mentioned issues require certain measures to be taken in order to keep the gutters free of pests. It is vital to take such actions when designing a harvesting system for rain.

Pest Related Issues

Pests can pose numerous problems when it comes to a rainwater harvesting system.

Your gutters can become clogged if pests create nests or die while they are on your roof. This in turn results in the reduction of water in your tanks. The decreased amount will discourage you from conveniently using the collected rainwater as per your wants, which will increase the adverse effects of drought and low rainfall for you.

Apart from that, pests can also end up contaminating your supply of rainwater with many unpleasant things, including but not limited to, urine, faeces, and their remains. These things may render the water totally unfit for intentional use and result in the wastage and shortage of water. If not that, it would surely affect the colour, opacity, and scent of the water supply.

Gutters that are clogged and performing poorly have a high chance of becoming breeding grounds for pests, especially mosquitos. These unwelcomed inhabitants can have a severe impact on the rain harvesting system’s and your home’s health.

Avoiding Pest-Related Issues

In a rain harvesting system, the most efficient way to avoid pest-related issues is to keep your gutters pest-free. Your gutters not having pests would result in keeping your harvesting system clean of pests as well.

Installing over-the-gutter aluminium gutter mesh is one of the known ways of keeping your gutters and rainwater harvesting system pest free. Using this leads to the creation of a physical blockade over the gutter which prevents pests, debris, and leaves from entering and allowing only rainwater to pass through. All Gutter Guard King mesh’ is sturdy enough to stop pests from entering your gutters.

By keeping your gutters pest-free, a gutter mesh will help conserve and boost your rainwater’s quantity and quality so you can relish a clean, colourless, unscented and abundant supply.