The Australian government and the firefighters alike, in response to the dangers posed by the Bushfires to life and the infrastructure, propose various approaches to improve the capability of one’s home in confronting the issue.

The steps pronounced by the authorities are not just directed at the fire-friendly elements like the leaves or the gutter waste, but also address the vicious ember attack of the bushfire.

Ember Attacks

Bushfires, when accompanied by the wind, can carry burning debris up to 100 meters provoking serious damages to the population and the property. This phenomenon is referred to as the ember attack. The severity of such an attack can be conveniently established from research, which suggests that 85% of homes fall prey to its hostility during bushfires.

Ember attack is not only a serious danger in its severity but also in its ability to ignite swiftly. It only takes a moment to find a leaf or debris in your gutter and catch flame, resulting in the destruction of your property.

This is just one of the ways for it to begin destruction; hence it is only natural that there should be utmost consideration towards equipping your homes with effective fireproof ability.

How Gutter Mesh Assists In Fireproofing 

Gutter mesh safeguards the gutter against fire igniting elements that may lead to severe damages. It is installed over the gutters to produce a ski-slope effect, keeping the leaves out and thus diffusing any chance of catching fire.

To ensure that the effect works, the aperture size of your gutter mesh should be compatible with the environment and surroundings.

Why Is The Leaf Size Significant?

Leaves are the primary source of flame-provoking elements in the gutters which can lead to catching fire when embers get in contact with the debris and other such sources.

The aperture size of the gutter mesh plays an integral role in providing a barrier to the leaves from entering the gutter space. Hence, to ensure that the whole ember attack prevention mechanism works smoothly, the gutter mesh aperture size should match the leaf size of the environment around your house.

Protection Against Embers

At Gutter Guard King we thoroughly understand the importance of protection against destructive ember attacks. Leaves are just one side of the picture and hence, the gutter mesh should be invulnerable to all the fire-inducing elements.

Our 2mm aluminum ember mesh ensures maximum protection. The exceptional resistance to heat provides the necessary shield against the intensity of the fire while the smaller aperture prevents blockage of leaves and other fire-friendly sources.