A box gutter is given its name as it is usually “boxed” into the middle or edge of the roof.  The gutter collects the water and disposes of it through the downpipe.  Box gutters are generally concealed as they are hidden by outside walls that are higher than the edge of the roof tiles or sheeting – that is, you can’t see them when you look at the home, so they are great if you wish to conceal your guttering.  Box gutters are generally made from quality materials such as stainless steel or Colorbond. 

For a box gutter to work at its best, it has to have an emergency overflow so that water has somewhere to go in the event of the gutter being blocked or extremely heavy rainfall. If there is not such an overflow, the water will go straight into the roof space and into your building and this can cause several problems. For further protection, we suggest installing our Ultraguard Premium Aluminium gutter protection system so that leaves and debris cannot block up the gutters and you also have the advantage of birds, pests and other vermin being unable to enter your roof space.  The box gutter also needs to be correctly sloped to the outlet points in order to prevent ponding (water standing in the gutters and potentially causing corrosion).