Downpipes are essential to your guttering and property, as they channel and carry water and waste to rid your gutters and property of any built-up debris, soot, insects etc. A downpipe is any pipe for carrying wastewater or rainwater and fixed to a building. 

Downpipes were traditionally constructed of cast iron or lead, but more recently plastic, steel, and aluminum have become widely used. Downpipes may be circular or square in cross-section.

Downpipes carrying rainwater from roofs are usually fixed to the exterior walls of a building. 

On older properties downpipes generally discharged water into a drain or gully by means of a ‘shoe’ fitted at the base of the pipe to change the direction of the flow of water, discharging it clear of the wall. In newer homes the downpipe is taken down into the ground to a direct connection with the sewer pipe, avoiding having open drains around a building.